International Student Program

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When it comes to international students looking to obtain a vehicle, they normally do not qualify for traditional bank or manufacturer financing.  This is due to the fact that they are new to the country, and have not had an opportunity to establish any credit here in Canada.  
O’Regan’s National Leasing has an International Student Auto Finance (ISAF) program, which gives international students the ability to obtain vehicle financing for which they otherwise might not qualify.  By satisfying several predetermined conditions, O’Regan’s can offer lease financing to these students.
A lease is simply a form of financing that allows for the ‘use’ of a vehicle over a specific time period.  Think of it as a rental, with the term being several months instead of several days or weeks.   Leasing means that you do not pay for the full price of the vehicle, you only make payments on the difference between the starting price, and what the vehicle is projected to be worth at the end of your lease term!

For example,

$25,000 vehicle
$5,000 cash down
36 month term

Finance Payment: $765.62    Lease Payment: $505.13

At the end of the lease, you simply return the vehicle to O’Regan’s!


Generally, the following guidelines are adhered to:

•    The lease term cannot be longer than the expiry date of your student permit (visa).
•    Through consultation with a lease selection specialist, a recommendation on vehicle make and model will be made based on your needs and financial situation.
In order to assist O’Regan’s in obtaining the best possible financing arrangement for you, you would need to have the following:
•    Copy of both your government issued passport and your student permit (visa).
•    A minimum of 20-40% of the vehicle price in cash for a combination of down payment and/or security deposit
•    An international driver’s license – a Nova Scotia driver’s license must be obtained within 30 days of the lease being signed (It may take a few weeks to get an appointment for a driver’s test)
•    Copies of documentation detailing any income, stipends, or bursaries you are receiving.
•    If available, a copy of an insurance experience letter from your country of origin if you’ve had vehicle insurance in the past

For more details regarding our ISAF program or to set up an appointment, please contact us at (902) 469-3334, or by e-mail at