Used Vehicle Categories

InspectionComprehensive InspectionNova Scotia 2 year MVINot Applicable (No Inspection)
WarrantyMinimum 6 Month / 10,000 kmBalance of factory warranty if applicableNot Applicable (No Warranty)
Exchange7 Day / 1500 kmNot ApplicableNot Applicable (No Exchange)
RebateGraduate RebateNot ApplicableNot Applicable (No Rebate)
VIP Program*IncludedNot IncludedNot Included
Walk Away**12 Months FreeNot IncludedNot Included

* O'Regan's VIP program - Valid at ANY O'Regan's dealership this program includes: $50 O'Regan's Dollars; four discounted oil changes ($10 OFF); two discounted Motor Vehicle Inspections ($10 OFF); two discounted wheel alignments ($10 OFF); 12 month Roadside Assistance (see dealer for complete details); O'Regan's Perma Shine Wash Card, every 5th wash is Free.  Commercial vehicles are not eligible for this program.

** Walk Away - 12 months FREE, Walk Away Protection see details on Walk Away Assurance at  Commercial vehicles are not eligible for Walk Away.

*** As traded vehicles do not come with inspection; we encourage you to get an inspection from a mechanic prior to purchase, inspections at O'Regan's NAPA are available for $99.95+Tax.